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Turtle Waterfall Water Station Toy

Turtle Waterfall Water Station Toy

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Your kids will love bathing from now on! When children pour water into the turtle's body, the gravity of water makes the turtle's eyes and water wheel rotate, the water will flow out from the turtle's mouth and the water at the outlet of multiple pipes below forms a beautiful waterfall. Press the button in the middle of the turtle to hear the sound. Make bath time be full of giggles!!

The wind up tub toys are durable, cute and battery free! Babies will watch them going through the water with ease. Cute cartoon characters can easily attract your child's attention. Through playing the wind-up bath toys, they can develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills and shape recognition.

Made from high-quality, non-toxic materials, this bath toy is safe and durable for your child to play with and easy to clean. The edges of bathtub toy are smooth and well finished. No batteries are required for this bath toy.

 Turtle bath toy has 3 powerful suction cups that won’t lose their grip. With strong suction cups, the bath toy can stick to bathtubs, glass, walls or other smooth surfaces. It’s firm enough so that your child cannot pull it off easily!

You can also remove the sucker so it becomes a toy that stimulates babies to crawl, allowing them to bravely move forward.

Dual purpose toys make the purchase double the fun.

Suitable for ages 6+mths.

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