Road Tape

Create instant roads anytime, anywhere you go with your kids using Road Tape. This fantastic, innovative adhesive tape is perfect for your kids to build their own roads, racetracks and highway using  their imagination.

Now they can play with their toy cars and trucks using imaginative roads with traffic and road signs that provide hours of fun and learning too! 

  • Road tape is 100% non- toxic, safe for your kids to explore their creativity and enhance their logical thinking. 
  • How to use it: Unroll Road Tape and stick to any flat surface from floors, walls even furniture. 
  • Simple to use, safe in sticking anywhere in your home and removes easily without worrying about destroying any furniture with no residue. 
  • This pack contains rolls of adhesive roads & highways along with bends.
  • It has traffic signals and road signs.
  • It stimulates a child's imagination and logical thinking ability.
  • Exercises a hands-on concept.
  • They learn to understand traffic rules.
  • You child can be as creative as they like.
  • Will provide hours and hours of fun for everyone.
  • Age: 2+