Silicone Plate with Non-Choking Fork & Spoon Set - Purple

This sets includes:

  • Silicone plate - perfect size to fit on a high chair that won't slip off.  Three compartments to make meal time easier for kids to pick up their food.  Easy to clean.  Goes in the microwave, oven & dishwasher.
  • Silicone non-choking spoon & fork - this baby self- feeding spoon is recommended for babies to let them feed themselves without hurting themselves at all.
  • It’s elastic and soft, both spoon and fork has an upper portion separated from the handle by a base. It helps children to learn how much they can enter the spoon in their mouth. 
  • It is important to let your babies (at the right age and with supervision) feed themselves. Through self- feeding, babies will get the hang on how much to bite and how long to chew before swallowing.
  • They will also be able to respond to hunger and to stop eating once they are full.  This product is 100% silicone, non- toxic, BPA free, lightweight and easy to clean that you can bring wherever you go with your child.