Children embarking on their first puzzles, develops a wide range of development and physical skills.

My first puzzle is a fun, 6 kinds of animal model puzzle, colorful game where kids at a young age can discover and nourish their knowledge.

Playing with puzzles has significant impacts on a child’s development including gross and fine motor skills.

Through just grasping pieces and matching these bold colors pieces together, children also improve their spatial awareness and hand- eye coordination. 

Playing puzzles with your kids is a fun way to bond and get to know each other It also helps them develop their reasoning skills, encourages independent learning, decision making and promote social interaction. 

With our My 1stpuzzle animal, children enjoy learning the most when they are most having fun! 

 6 individual animal puzzles

 Designed for puzzle beginners.

Easy to grasp pieces.

Puzzles start with 2 pieces and builds up to more pieces to help children to achieve.

Bright colors.