YOGI GAME - age (3+)

Children's yoga uses props, storylines, games, music to let children enter the story and then through the body to let them use the body to interpret these stores.  Lets the children in the stories and games to find a happy and healthy body.

This Yogi Game experience is not your ordinary yoga. This fitness, interactive game helps children not only to stretch their body and cultivate shape and posture but to have fun at the same time. 

How can yoga benefit your kids? 

Yoga has lots of benefits for a person even for kids. Not only does it help children increase their flexibility and strength but it also helps them to boost immunity and confidence. Yoga helps them to improve their attention span and widely improve their mental health. 

What does it include? 
40 pcs. Yogi cards 
2 sheets of stickers 
2 pcs. Of dice 
1 instruction guide 

How to play? 

*The Dice Game* 
Suggested players: 2 or more kids 
The player who first completes all the action on the dice, wins. 
Step 1: They can choose a yoga action from the sticker sheet and stick it on the dice. 
Step 2: The player throws the dice and do the action. 
Step 3: Whoever doesn’t accomplish any of the action, gets eliminated until only one person becomes the winner. 
*Turn Over the Card Game* 
Suggested players: 2- 4 players 
Step 1: Place the yoga card on a flat surface facing down. 
Step 2: The player randomly draws a card and imitates the yoga pose. It will be continued by the next player until someone gets eliminated for not doing it. 
*Story Series* 
Suggested players: 2- 4 people 
Step 1: A player chooses a few cards to form a story. 
Step 2: The other players makes the poses based on the story the first player came up with.

 This is a fitness game that helps children stretch their body and cultivate a good shape and posture.

Practicing yoga poses fosters balance and co-ordination, strength & flexibility.

It improves balance, body co-ordination & enhances bone and muscle strength.

The game makes exercise easy & enjoyable.

Parental help allows the child to complete the yoga movement better.

Simple & varied game play.