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Crab Bubble Machine Bath Set

Crab Bubble Machine Bath Set

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Bubbly Bath Time: Cute crab bath toy makes colorful bubbles, entertaining bathtub time to help babies, toddlers and preschoolers enjoy their bath time; This adorable bathtub friend stimulates imagination, curiosity and fine motor skills

 It has 3 powerful suction cups that can be securely attached to the tub or any surface of the bathroom, including ceramic tubs, tile and wood. You can spray some water to fix the suction cup more firmly.

 3 modes of selection: press once to launch bubbles and music at the same time; press twice to stop music only; press three times to stop all functions including bubbles and music. One button control is easy to use to meet different needs. 2 x AA batteries (batteries are not included)

 Safe and friendly for kids-The durable bath toy is made of BPA free and baby safe ABS plastic, smooth without edges. Remove the container, pour 5-30ml shower gel and pour water (2/3 of the container), then stir until the shower gel dissolves.

 Comes with 3 little friends that work on a clock mechanism to swim around the bath.

 The waterproof battery cover and waterproof adhesive help to keep it intact, but do not immerse it in water it is not a good swimmer.

 Suitable age 6+mths.


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