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Creative Finger Paint Book - Animal Party

Creative Finger Paint Book - Animal Party

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Creative Finger Paint Book is an all-in-one artistic journey for children.

With just a few taps of their fingers, children can effortlessly create beautiful works of art, even without prior drawing experience.

These finger taps allow them to craft their unique masterpieces, fostering a deep sense of satisfaction and nurturing their interest in art.

Everything needed is included, making it a hassle-free experience.

Mums can rest easy knowing the paint is washable, and cleanup is a breeze with the provided cleaning sponge or wet wipes.

Animal Party features 50 pages, 8 colour ink pads, and a cleaning sponge.

With new knowledge on every page, children can dive into a world of fun scenes depicting animals, plants, food, and more, enriching their understanding.

Age 2+

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