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Faucet Extender

Faucet Extender

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These fun and adorable faucet extenders makes kids want to wash their hands and make it easier for them to reach.

  • This extender is a must- have to help direct the flow of water towards your kids for easily washing their hands and brushing their teeth. It will also encourage the, to develop lifestyle habits in keeping themselves clean. 
  • This versatile faucet extender fits well on all types of faucets and it is small enough to take it with you on the go. Also making it easy to attach in the faucet without slipping or falling off. 
  • Using the highest-grade materials, this faucet extender is made from long lasting soft, durable plastic - BPA, PVC and phthalate free. Helps extend the tap in the sink so that our little ones can wash their hands a little easier.
  • Our cute design makes kids want to wash their hands.
  • Can also be placed on the tap in the bath to prevent your child from scratching their back on the tap.
  • Fits on most taps.
  •  Water comes out their mouth.
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