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3D Coloring Puzzle

3D Coloring Puzzle

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Have the fun of two activities in one, coloring and assembling these 3d puzzles all in one package.

These fun creativity DIY 3d coloring puzzles toys will not only promote communication between parents and kids, but they will also improve fine motor skills, improve concentration and the ability to stay focused.

Thrill the entire family and provide fun and entertainment as you color and assemble these DIY 3d puzzles together and create something truly unique to display in your home.

What are you waiting for?

Gift a child with this 3D coloring puzzle set now and witness how a child's artistic side flourish

Each pack includes: 4 different 3D puzzles with 10 pen makers.

Pack A - Giraffe, Dinosaur, Cottage, Car

Pack B - Elephant, Plane, Wasp, Jeep

Pack C - Horse, Peacock, Farm House, Rhino

Age: 6+

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