Marble Skill Ball Game

An educational game to keep the kids amused for hours.

  • Glass marbles - classic never expires. In the era when there was no mobile phones, glass marbles carried many childhood memories, and the trend will change, but the classics will not be outdated.
  • Exercise hand-eye co-ordination and ability to control items.
  • Can play alone or with 2 or more players, highest score wins.
  • Focus on cultivation, immersive competition, no worries.
  • Improve your concentration in the game and lay the foundation for your life.
  • Through the attempt, the child masters the law between the hand force and the marble movement, thereby exercising the ability to control the hand-eye co-ordination ability, activating the brain and developing intelligence.
  • Adding is required to calculate the score so play can enhance the child's positive emotions in mathematics.
  • The game chassis is based on the theme of space and is a lively game in the universe.
  • Age: 3+