Fantasy Ocean

Ignite the curiosity and engage your little scientists in some mind-boggling STEAM experiments. These specially curated science explorer kits are sure to create many insightful conversations and fun memories in your own playroom at home!

Does your national geographer-to-be enjoys the open seas? Ever wonder what delves beneath the waves and on the seabeds? Create your very own mini ocean right at home - complete with a handmade coral bed. Decorate the tank with stickers to create a more vibrant marine environment! Add in some sea creature figurines and transform it into a special sensory play session!

This set includes:

  • Water tank x1, Backdrop x1, Stickers x1, Growing solution x2, Stick x2, Crystal block x4

Warning: Not suitable for children under 6. The experiment must be made under the supervision of parents. Do not allow chemicals, crystals or solutions to come into contact with any part of the body, especially the mouth and eyes. Please keep the experimental apparatus out of the reach of children under 6.