Memory Game Secret Garden

Discovering a new way to learn and play with this all- time favorite memory board game that comes with 6 game templates that kids can excitedly choose from.

  • This wooden memory board game can help to develop a child's critical thinking and brings out imagination. It sharpens their problem- solving skills, enhances their reasoning skills, concentration, and even strengthens their numeric skills as well as visual skills. 
  • Children will surely enjoy this memory board game with its bright colors and detailed design that would make them curious and enhance their brain development.
  • This wooden board is 100% non- toxic, safe for children to explore their creativity.
  • Discover the association between graphics & items.
  • Divergent thinking to enhance the imagination.
  • Comprehensive training of the memory & observation.
  • 6 kinds of card cognitive skill learning for brain development.
  • Bright colors and detailed designs.
  • Age: 3+