Turn most bottles into a sippy cup with this detachable spill- proof straw bottle caps. It is designed to carry in your handbag wherever you and child goes.

With its soft straw design, this 100% silicone straw makes it easy for your kids to drink water and juice. It is also sealed design preventing your drinks spilling and dust from entering, keeping your drinks clean and safe.

It comes with one disposable drinking straw, which can be replaced with other 6mm diameter straw. These lids are also bite proof and perfect for transitioning babies from bottles to drinking cups. 

This product is 100% silicone, non- toxic, BPA free and heat- resistant making it lightweight and easy to clean that you can bring wherever you go. 

Straw bottle cap that fits most bottles, comes with 2 sized attachments.


Turns most bottles into a sippy cup so no more backwash in the bottles.

Small enough to carry in your handbag, keep one in the glove box or the nappy bag.

You can add any straw to the cap to get to the bottom of the bottle.